BMO贷款专家 - Lisa Cong

BMO贷款专家 - Lisa Cong
Lisa Cong
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How can I assist you?

Whether you are purchasing a first home or your next home, choosing the right mortgage is an important undertaking. I am committed to helping you find the right financing to suit your needs and to make your mortgage experience as uncomplicated as possible. Let's set an appointment for a time and place that is convenient and get started.

My Background

As a service-focused, home financing specialist, I have the experience and expertise to provide you with sound advice. I am ready to advise you from start to finish on:
· Applying for a pre-approved mortgage · Financing your first or next home and any renovations
· Transferring your mortgage to BMO Bank of Montreal
· Refinancing a mortgage loan or tapping into the equity in your current home
· Or any other home financing matter With access to competitive borrowing solutions, I can help you understand your options and find the right solution to suit your unique needs.For convenient mortgage service, contact me today!